Taj Mahal rooms should be opened for probe: BJP MP

JAIPUR: BJP MP and royal scion Diya Kumari claimed on Wednesday that “I have documents to prove that the Taj Mahal complex used to have the palace of the Jaipur royal family.”
On whether the erstwhile royals would now move court to stake claim to the land, the MP said the family was contemplating its next move. “I am not saying that the Taj Mahal should be demolished, but its rooms should be opened for examination. Some rooms have been closed for centuries. I believe that we should all get to know what is in there. Our facts can also be established once a proper inquiry is made.”
Diya Kumari said her family would provide all support, including documents, to the court to arrive at an informed decision. “The documents related to the claim are in the pothi khana (archive) of the royal family. If the court gives an order, the documents will be submitted.”
The MP declined to be drawn into speculation that there was a temple at the site of the Taj Mahal. “I have not seen all the documents yet, but it is clear that the property belonged to our family.”
Clarifying the silence of her family so far on the antecedents of one of the world’s most famous historical monuments, Diya Kumari said, “When Shah Jahan wrested the palace and the land, the Jaipur royal family could not oppose him as he was the ruler of the time. There was no law to appeal against the ruler or do anything against him. It’s good that someone has raised this now and filed a petition in the high court.”

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